what’s at stake

There are a lot of different influences you encounter daily – not all of them positive – especially when it comes to drugs and alcohol.

Find out what substances can do to your brain, body and future…and then make the best possible decision to keep your life goals on track.

  • Teen Brain

    Teen Brain Drugs and alcohol have more permanent and lasting effects on the teenage brain. Even short-term use can interfere with your ability to learn and remember...read more

  • Alcohol

    Alcohol There’s a good reason that the drinking age is 21 – your brain is still undergoing important development and alcohol interferes with this development...read more

  • Marijuana

    Marijuana Using marijuana can actually change the structure of your brain, specifically the areas dealing with memory, learning and problem solving... read more

  • e-Cigarettes & Vapes

    e-Cigarettes & Vapes E-cigs might seem like a safer way to smoke, but the truth is that they contain many of the same harmful chemicals found in deadly cigarettes – including nicotine...read more

  • Tobacco

    Tobacco The younger you start using tobacco in cigarettes or vapes – the more likely you will become addicted. Actually 3 out of 4 teens who smoke will become adult smokers...read more

  • Prescription Safety

    Prescription Safety Some teens start misusing prescription drugs to deal with the stress & anxiety that young adult life brings because they think they’re somehow safer than other drugs...read more


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Don't be fooled by the sweet flavors. JUUL pods are actually very similar to cigarettes and can have a number of negative effects on your brain and body. ...

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It's not always easy being a teen. With so many different pressures to succeed, it can be overwhelming. That's why we're coming together to address them with the Together4Teens event this Saturday at Capistrano Valley High School! This event will include breakout sessions on mental health, social media, gender identity, and more, and will also include opportunities to earn community service hours. RSVP at the link in our bio! #CrowdsourceYourConfidence #StrengthInNumbersOC #Together4Teens ...

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Life is all about balance. How do you balance your responsibilities? #StrengthInNumbersOC ...

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