What I Wish I Knew

SINOC AdminDec 20, 2017

Hey Freshman! I know high school may seem tough, but as long as you go into everything with an open mindset, you’ll be fine. Never compare yourself to others. Always keep in mind that everyone else is going through the same struggles as you, no matter how they appear on the surface or on social media.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Whether it be from a peer, teacher, counselor, your parents, or anyone else know that you always have an extensive support system. Success is hard to achieve alone. I find myself double-checking with my classmates about many homework assignments and studying with them for upcoming tests. Studying is key to passing your classes. Many people, including myself, were under the false impression that there is a “right” way to study, but as high school progressed, we all realized that studying is unique to the individual. Figure out how you learn and retain information the easiest.

Do things that you genuinely enjoy, not just for a GPA boost. To figure out what subjects and extracurriculars you prefer, consider what classes you look forward to and what goals you have for the future. The subjects that catch your interest may not be enjoyable to you all of the time. Hard assignments, time-consuming projects, or a disliking of a particular teacher might turn you away from a subject, but try not to let it. If you have trouble with a teacher’s methods, talking to them directly is the best way to solve that problem. I’ve never met an LBHS teacher that won’t meet you in the middle and compromise with you. All of our staff truly cares about you and creating an environment in which you will succeed. If you ever need help of any kind, talk to me on campus!

-Uma Bhatia, sophomore 🙂

Key Takeaways – Drugs or alcohol don’t make you cool. Not all of your friends are drinking, smoking or using drugs. Get involved in fun activities that give you a natural dopamine rush – skiing, surfing or indoor skydiving. Join a community social cause – or a group at your church or school.