Get The Facts

It’s a common misperception.


You might think you need to get high to connect with your friends. The fact is, you don’t. And believe it or not, your friends aren’t drinking or using marijuana as often as it may look in your Friday night feed.

Actually, nearly 3/4 of your high school peers do not get high. In a 2016 California Healthy Kids Survey, most of your classmates shared that they have not used alcohol or marijuana in the past 30 days. Over 72% of South OC High School students do not.

Instead, they’re…

Going to class – doing their homework and studying hard so they can do well in school.

Involved in social causes because they want to make a difference. They’re active in their church or a local charity because they want to serve others. They’re helping their neighbors and families because they care.

Pursuing their creative endeavors because they have a special talent they want to express. They’re exercising, eating healthy foods and taking care of their bodies.

Playing sports – hoping to get an athletic scholarship to pay for college.

They’re doing all of these things because they’re working hard to be successful.

They’re not getting high. They’re confident. They’re going places. They’re focused on their futures.

See what they’re doing here.


  • 72% of teens in your
    school dont drink